Learn to Master the Techniques of Letter Writing And Get Ahold of The Power of Words & Make The Right Use Of Them.

Step By Step Guide To The Art of Letter Writing:
Personal & Professional


From: Joel Rodriguez

Dear Reader,

Every one of us has to write letters some time or the other - either in personal life or at work. The reasons you are reading this letter is that the technique of writing letter in the right way needs to be learned. In letter writing, there is no face to face contact between people, and everything depends upon the words that are written. Therefore it is important that you choose then right words while writing letters.

Apart from the words that you use, the subject, purpose, tone of your letter, outline and presentation also plays an important part while writing letters. You need to identify your audience properly and say your views in a way that your words convey the right meaning and you don't get misinterpreted in any way. Each of the above mentioned features are clearly explained in the letter along with samples and examples to make it easy for anyone to understand.

Step By Step Guide To The Art of Letter Writing - Personal & Professional

In my ten years of corporate experience, I have seen many people get rejected and face failure because they didn't know the art of letter writing. Through years, I have realized how important it is for people to master the art of letter writing, for personal as well as professional life's success. With this aim in mind, I have compiled together the ideas and tips for writing perfect letters into an e-book called "The Letter Writing Master Course". This e-book acts as a step by step guide to explain you the importance of the tone and presentation while writing letters.

What can you expect to find in the e-book
"The Letter Writing Master Course"

You must be wondering that exactly what can improve your letter writing skills. I would not want you to just go by my words and accept this fact. Glance through the highlights of "The Letter Writing Master Course" for yourself to understand what you can expect to find inside the e-book. It will also give you an insight on the steps that will help you master the technique of letter writing.

- Introduction To The Art Of Letter Writing

- Understanding the Fundamentals of Letter Writing

- Learning the Concept of SAP

- Getting Content for Your Letter

- Draw Step By Step Outline

- 10 Important Points To Make Impressive Letter-Body

  • Keep yourself cool and give your best

  • Use simple and easy to understand sentences

  • Avoid using complicated and long words

  • Be specific

  • Break your letter into small parts

  • Always use appropriate tone of conversation

  • Try to provide examples

  • Use active voice

  • Write, rewrite and polish your letter

  • Good presentation

- Tips To Create Your Letter Interesting

  • Systematizing the Content of letter

  • Optimize Length of the letter

  • Eye-catching layout and presentation of letter

- Art of Writing Important Letters

- Business letters

  • Specifications of Simple Business Letter

  • Specifications of Simple Business Email

  • Specifications of Agreement Letter

  • Specifications of Invitation Letter

  • Specifications of Complaint letter

  • Specifications of Apology Letter

  • Specifications of Letter of Recommendation

  • Specifications of Resignation Letter

- Personal letters

  • Specifications of Simple personal letter

  • Specifications of Love letter

  • Specifications of Invitation Letter

  • Specifications of Apology Letter

  • Specifications of Thank You Notes

  • Specifications of Condolence letter

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